5 Pro Tips for Fishing King Salmon in Alaska

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After a life time of fishing king salmon in Alaska (I began my career on my family’s commercial fishing boat at 2 months of age) and over 20 years as a professional fishing guide in Southeast Alaska I guess I could say I know a few tricks. 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:


1. Keep Your Hooks In The Water: 

We all hate to admit it but a large part of catching fish is luck, you get your bait in front of the fishes face and magic happens. It’s amazing how some people will play around with their lure, changing things constantly and never give the fish a chance to bite. Not to say that having the secret gear isn’t important but be quick about it and have things set up for maximum efficiency so your hooks are down there working.

2. Go Sightseeing: 

We have these fancy fish finders and GPS and they do great things but it’s important to remember to look out the window from time to time and take note of any seabirds, bait flipping, whales or sea lions. The whales, birds and sea lions know what is going on and they like to eat. Slow down and pay attention to the wildlife, they will show you where the hot spot is.

3. Work At It:

For me fishing is a full contact sport. When I’m out on the water my goal is to put 100 pounds of filets in the box for each of my guests. This doesn’t happen unless I’m on the fish and stay on the fish. That means, if I get a bite I spin around and take another pass at that spot, there may be another fat juicy king salmon hanging in the lee of that rock pile.

4. Be Flexible: 

If one thing’s not working don’t be afraid to change your technique. The ocean is a constantly changing system and fish change with it. They have tails and will feed on a wide variety of sea life.


5. Have Fun and Put Off Good Vibes:

the goal is to put fish in the box but we also fish to have fun, enjoy the outdoors and spend time with our friends and family. In my 20+ years as an Alaskan fishing guide I have seen it proven over and over again, the person who doesn’t care all that much about catching with invariably wind up with the biggest and most fish. There is a perfect zen like balance that happens when you are in the zone, it’s something that we all try to achieve, that perfect balance that will result in a big fat Alaskan king salmon! Denny Corbin is Guide and Manager of the Lisianski Inlet Lodge near Pelican Alaska

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