Located near the outside coast of Chichagof Island

in Northern Southeast Alaska between Sitka and Juneau, our closest town is Pelican (we are two miles northwest of Pelican).  Pelican is a community that is built on a one mile long boardwalk on the side of a steep sided fiord named Lisianski Inlet.   The town was built with one purpose in mind, getting close to the fish!  

Some of the other places we are near that you may have heard of are; Elfin Cove, Glacier Bay National Park, Gustavus, Hoonah, Cross Sound, Icy Strait, Deer Harbor, the White sulfur hot Springs, West Chichagof-Yakobi Wilderness Area and the Gulf of Alaska.


2018 Flight Notes:

Flying to Pelican is a relatively simple affair and our goal is to make your trip as painless and enjoyable as possible.  While we do not include airfare in our package we are happy to help in making reservations and will do our utmost to ensure that you get to our lodge and back home as easily as possible.

Alaska Seaplanes is your first option for getting to Pelican.  Alaska Seaplanes is based in Juneau and offers three flights per day to Pelican during summer (May 27-August 27).

While you can also arrive and depart from Pelican to Sitka via Harris Air, if you intend to bring home a lot of fish it is probably better to go through Juneau with Alaska Seaplanes on your departure as this allows our fish packers to ship your fish early to Juneau for storage at the Juneau airport in the Alaska Seaplanes freezer.  This is done so that on fly-out day the seaplane is not overloaded.

Arrival: On your fly-in day traveling from Juneau to Pelican flight times are at 8:00 AM, 12:00 AM and 4:00 PM.  We recommend booking the 4:00PM flight and regardless of when you arrive in Pelican we will pick you up with our boat on the seaplane dock at 4:35 PM and not earlier as we are doing chores getting ready for your arrival prior that time.  Please note that you can see the entire town of Pelican in about 10 minutes and the restaurant and bar are not always open.

Departure: on your fly-out day traveling from Pelican to Juneau flight times are at 8:50AM arriving Juneau 9:30 AM, 12:50 AM arriving Juneau 1:25 PM and 4:45PM arriving Juneau 5:30 PM.  We recommend taking the 8:50 AM flight to Juneau as this may allow you more options for jet flights out of Juneau and will give you priority if the seaplane flights are delayed due to weather, and also, we have chores to do!  We recommend taking the 8:50 AM flight to Juneau on fly out day as this will allow you more options for jet flights out of Juneau and will give you priority if the seaplane is delayed due to weather.  On fly out day we have breakfast at 6:30 AM and need to depart the lodge for Pelican by 7:20 AM for a timely check in.

Note: the Juneau airport is small and the Alaska Seaplanes counter is about 100 yards from the baggage claim inside the Juneau airport so it is possible to exit the jet, retrieve your bags and check in with Alaska Seaplanes in about 30 minutes.

Important: if you attempt to book your flight online and do not see seats available during the times you would like, let us know and we will contact Alaska Seaplanes and ask them to add an extra aircraft to the schedule.

Pelican is accessible by seaplane and boat only.  Several Seaplane companies service our area and we have ferry service every two weeks in summer.  While the most common route for getting to us is to fly in to Juneau and ride out with Alaska Seaplanes it is possible to arrive via Sitka or Gustavus/Glacier Bay also.

Alaska Seaplanes 

Harris Air

Ward Air

Alaska Marine Highway

The communities that are jumping off points and closest to Pelican are:

Juneau, Alaska

Sitka, Alaska

Gustavus, Alaska

Hoonah, Alaska

Elfin Cove, Alaska