What to bring?

*warm clothing that is suitable for layering.

*a lightweight jacket that is warm.

*gloves, preferably waterproof.

*warm socks.

*comfortable outdoor shoes/boots that are semi-waterproof and will supply good traction.

*t-shirts and shorts for the warmer days.

*sunscreen, lib balm, sunglasses, insect repellent.

*camera, batteries and film if required.

*water resistant daypack.

*prescription medications.

Note: we supply heavy rain gear and rubber boots but you may be more comfortable in your own gear.  Lightweight  semi-waterproof windbreaker pants and jacket and shoes or hiking boots will often suffice for most fishing days.

While not completely necessary, a pair of lightweight pair of gore-tex waders can be worthwhile.  As it is important pack light we recommend not bringing the boots that go with the waders and using our rubber slip ons instead.

We have a large selection of boots and rain gear for adults and children.  If you would like to tell us your size prior arrival we will make sure to have a set for you.