Yakobi Fisheries is a custom processor located in Pelican, Alaska. They buy local commercially caught fish and process, vacuum seal and freeze it for retail sale.

They also process our sport caught fish.

If at the end of your fishing week with us you find that your fish box is not as full as you would have liked you can always buy some fish from Yakobi Fish. The crew there will be happy to top off your box or make you an extra box with the fresh local seafood that Pelican is famous for.

Prices and availability are of course always subject to change and are seasonal but here is an example product list for you to consider:

Halibut 1 pound portions - $16 per pound

Halibut trim 1 pound portions - $10/pound

Ling cod 1 pound portions - $10/pound

Ling cod trim 1 pound portions - $6/pound

Pacific Cod portions - $5/pound

Yellow Eye 1 pound portions - $9/pound

Silver Salmon 1/2 pound portions from 2018 - $6/pound