Is there a limit to how much fish processing is included in our trip?

We do not have a limit to how much fish you can take home (besides the legal limits!) and you will take home what you catch.  As we ship fish out early during the week, space on the seaplane for shipping your catch from Pelican to Juneau is generally not a problem.    

It should be noted that while we are a fishing lodge, we are not a true "meat hunting" lodge and our goal is provide our guests with a well rounded, fun Alaskan adventure, rather than focus solely on poundage taken home.

While guaranteed, it is safe bet to anticipate taking home between 50-70 pounds of fillets per person for four days of decent salt water fishing mixed with some fresh water fishing, sightseeing and other activities.

Please read our rates page for a more detailed description regarding the kind of trip we enjoy providing.