Questions & Answers - What You Should Know.

Here are a few common questions and Answers.  If you don't see what you are looking for here please feel free to contact us and we will get right back to you.

How do we get to Pelican?

Most of our guest fly in to Juneau and then on to Pelican via Alaska Seaplanes.  It is also possible to arrive in Pelican via Sitka on either Harris Air or with Ken Bellows of Air Sitka 907-747-7920.  We will also sometimes pick up our guests from Gustavus, a small town halfway between Pelican and Juneau which is connected to Glacier Bay National Park by road.  Both Alaska Seaplanes and Wings of Alaska/Fjord Flying service Gustavus.  Gustavus is a two hour boat ride for us from the lodge.

Can I fly in to Juneau @ 3:30pm and still make the 4:00pm Alaska Seaplane flight to Pelican?  

In the past the answer to this question has been "yes", however, Alaska Seaplanes is under new ownership and has expanded their operation.  While we now have increased service to Pelican via a fancy new Cessna Caravan turbo prop with leather seats, those old days of informal flights and easy scheduling are going by the wayside (I can remember cramming whole Sitka Blacktail deer, hide, hoofs, antlers sticking out, into an Alaska Seaplane Beaver, we'd never get away with that today!).  I don't recommend cutting it too close as there could be a delay coming out of Seattle but if that's your flight, you would want to call, they may be able to accommodate you.

Where is the Alaska Seaplanes counter located in the Juneau Airport?

The Juneau Airport is small and if you walk about 100 yards from the baggage claim towards the other end of the building you will encounter the Alaska Seaplanes ticket counter.

Can we fly in to Pelican early?

You are welcome to fly in to Pelican early and tour the town.  We will meet you at the seaplane dock in Pelican @ 5:00PM and not earlier as we have chores to do (sometimes I do get my chores done early but no promises).  It should be noted that Pelican, while being quaint, is very small and the entire town can be walked end to end in 5 minutes.  There is one bar and two restaurants in town which may or may not be open.  Cel phone service can be obtained by hiking up the only road in town to the garbage dump (watch out for bears!).  Usually the place to be is Rosies Bar, we'll meet you there for a beer!

Where do we get our fishing licenses?

We recommend purchasing your fishing license prior to arrival at the lodge.  An Alaska sport fishing license can be obtained online from the State of Alaska here.  You will likely need a 7 day non-resident sport fishing license and matching king salmon stamp for $85.

What to bring?

*warm clothing that is suitable for layering

*a lightweight jacket that is warm

*gloves, preferably waterproof

*warm socks

*comfortable outdoor shoes/boots that are semi-waterproof and will supply good traction.

*T-shirts and a pair of shorts for the warmer days

*sunscreen, lib balm, sunglasses, insect repellent

*camera, batteries and film if required

*water resistant daypack

*prescription medications

Note: we supply heavy rain gear and waterproof boots but you may be more comfortable in your own gear, lightweight wind breakers/rain water and a semi-water proof shoe will suffice for most fishing days.  We do not have chest waders so you may want to consider bringing your own if planning on stream fishing (I have found chest waders are also nice for fishing on the boat as they are great wind breakers and will keep you warm and toasty).  our rubber boots can be used in place of your regular wader boots so you can leave the stream boots home and lighten your baggage.  We have a large selection of raingear for adults and kids.  We also have all the fishing gear that you will need, however, you may want to bring your own fly rod as our selection of fly rods is limited, if you have a favorite reel or some gear you would like to use you are welcome to bring that as well.

Can we ship alcohol ahead of time or is there are place to buy alcohol in Pelican?

Probably the best way to bring a nice wine or specialty alcohol to our lodge is to bring it in your luggage.  The next best option for getting alcohol out to our lodge is to visit the Costco in Juneau and bring it on the seaplane at $1 per pound.  You can also purchase alcohol in Pelican at Bonnie's Liquor store, she has a pretty good selection there most of the time but it's not a guarantee you will find your favorite beverage.  And, while it is not legal to ship alcohol via the USPS (you may ship other items to us at PO Box 765, Pelican, Alaska 99832) you can ship it with UPS.  It is insanely expensive and takes much longer than you would expect since they send it to Anchorage first and then sit on it until they have a load for Juneau and then Alaska Seaplanes brings it out to Pelican.  If you are going this route you should send it with twice the time you think it will need to get there.  As Lisianski Inlet Lodge is not on a road system and does not have a street address we do not show up in many shipping databases.  I have found that inputing Lisianski Inlet Lodge, #1 Salmon Way, Pelican, Alaska 99832 will work.  When your UPS box arrives in Pelican the girls at the seaplane office will give us a call and we will pick it up and keep it for your arrival.  FedEX will also ship to Pelican but I have found them to be even more expensive and to take longer than UPS.

What about Bears?

Alaska Department of Fish and Game and National Geographic both claim that our area is home to the highest concentration of coastal brown bear in the world.  We have bears nearby the lodge all summer and it is common for them to walk through our yard, usually in the early AM.  The bears know we are there and they won't bother us unless they find something left out that is really tasty.  There are nice walking trails around the lodge and we have bear bells and pepper spray for our guests to use.  Make lots of noise and keep your eyes open and you should be fine.

Can we take a bath at the White Sulfur Hot Springs?

Yes!  My favorite days are when we limit early and I drop my guests at the hot springs for a bath while I take care of the fish.  The White Sulfur Hot Springs look out over the gulf of Alaska.  One pool is inside a very nice bath house and the other is an open rock pool outside.  The water temp is around 103-104 degrees and it is very clean.

Will we see Glacier Bay?

The border of Glacier Bay National Park is about 15 miles from the lodge and we see the park everyday while out fishing.  The Fairweather Mountain range rises up out of the park to a height of 15,300 feet and is the largest non-polar ice field in the world.  We do have a concessions permit to operate in park waters and from time to time to go inside the park.  There is good halibut fishing in the park and it is not uncommon to see wolves, moose or bears on the beaches.  A trip up Glacier Bay proper is possible but requires some planning and special permission from Park Headquarters.  It is a long run to get all the way up bay to the ice, there are slow speed restrictions in places and non-motorized vessel areas.  These factors have kept us from operating much inside Glacier Bay proper in recent years.  However, the other areas of the park are very nice and are part of our regular plan. 

Will we see whales?

Yes, Icy Straits is home to the largest concentration of humpback whales in Alaska and we see humpback and orca during a normal fishing day.  It is common to have whales feeding right in front of the lodge and as it is very quite you may hear them blowing at night.

Are laundry facilities available at the lodge?  

Yes, we have a washer and dryer at the lodge and can wash clothes for you if needed.

How is our fish prepared and packaged?

Your fish will be filleted by your guide and taken to Pelican where it is vacuum sealed and frozen in two pound packages.  You will take home the fish you catch as this is not an exchange, however, we do pool fish between guests of the same party.  Our fish is vacuum sealed and frozen by Yakobi Fisheries and they do a great job!  The crew at Yakobi Fisheries also boxes the fish in 50# wetloc boxes for transport home as checked baggage.  The fish is core frozen, there is an insulated liner in the box and your name and address will be on it.  We have guests that take fish home as far away as Florida with no problems.

Can we keep our fish boxes frozen in Juneau?

Yes, Alaska Seaplanes has a walk in freezer and most hotels also have freezer space although it is a good idea to ask how much space and what kind of freezer.

Is there a limit to how much fish we can take home?

We do not have a limit as to how much fish our guests take home.  100 pounds of filets per person is our goal which is reasonable if we fish hard and the weather is decent.  On a slow week or a trip that involves more sightseeing that fishing we might wind up with only 75 pounds per person.